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Why Buying Lace Front Wigs Will Save You Time In The Long Run

With every woman’s increased hectic schedule : from work , school, scheduling the kids activities , micromanaging has become the norm. However, there will be times you forget to schedule “me time” , this will include getting your routine hair-styling appointments.There will be times where you’ve over scheduled social outings and then you’re stuck in […]

Are You Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap ?

Stop Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap Are you constantly putting yourself through the wringer purchasing the wrong lace wig cap base? Ending up with either uncomfortable fit, incorrect lace color blending, inability to comb freely in various up-dos or other unique hairstyle due to limitations on how the wig was made? The hair texture […]

360 Frontal Wigs Vs. Lace Front Wigs Which Is Better?

Are you trying to decide between either 360 Frontal Wigs vs Lace Front Wigs for your next lace wig purchase ? 360 Frontal Wigs and Lace Front Wigs are two popular and highly consumed wigs in the hair market. In this article, we will compare 360 Frontal Wig vs Lace Front Wig and explain their […]

Choosing The Right Wig Lace Color For The Ultimate Undetectable Wear

How To Get Undetectable Hairlines With Your Lace Wig By Choosing Your Right Lace Color You’ve seen many amazing videos from YouTube Beauty Vlogs  and Instagram Influencers sharing their lace wig installs with the impressive flawless hairlines. But you’ve pondered how to gain the total desired look yourself. After you’ve done your research and found […]

How Often Should You Wash Your Lace Wigs ?

The lingering question faced by many Lace front wig newbies, is how often should they wash their Lace wigs ? Every decision should be based on the individual lifestyle and other activities they conduct on a day-to-day basis , especially during warmer weather seasons.