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Are You Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap ?

Stop Buying The Wrong Lace Wig Cap Are you constantly putting yourself through the wringer purchasing the wrong lace wig cap base? Ending up with either uncomfortable fit, incorrect lace color blending, inability to comb freely in various up-dos or other unique hairstyle due to limitations on how the wig was made? The hair texture […]

Get Protective Style with Glueless Wigs

Get Protective Style with Glueless Wigs Glueless wigs are made up of adjustable strap in the back and a ribbon in front which runs along the perimeter of the hairline. Since they are easier to use and remove there’s no stress having it for wearing for a longer time, plus it is comfortable and even […]

Create an Alter Ego With Lace Wigs

Creating an Alter Ego with Lace Wigs Nowadays, wig wearing is no longer a well kept secret. Now women and men alike,  from  top celebrities to the average everyday woman, can enhance their look whether covering hair loss or simply having several wig options as a part of their hair collection of accessories to boast […]

Properly Removing Your Lace Wigs

Do you know how to remove full lace and lace front wigs as well your other lace units ( top closures , 360 lace frontals ) without bringing any damage to your skin and hairpiece? -First question before starting is : How long should I wear my wig at any given time?

Choosing the Right Wig Cap

The development of different cap constructions for wigs has been growing in popularity of lace wigs has triggered the development of different cap designs based on consumers style requirements.It’s easy to be enticed into all sorts of options in wig cap construction, without really knowing whether you need (or even want) the full complement of […]